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Leona Anne Herbert is a fanon character of Switched at Birth who is created by DarkCougar555.


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Leona invited her family friends, Jake, Mark and Didi to her graduation. Later, before Graduation began, Travis and Leona discussed that they felt that their families are more of being just friends rather than family relatives. Leona explained that she remembered one of those statues on Facebook[note 1] and the she complained that their family wouldn't bother to send her an e-mail or even just text message, "If I ever hear these statements once again in any family gatherings today. They will hear me saying, 'Later!' And then, they will not see me again in any future family gathering ever again. So, why bother? They never interest in communicating with me."

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At the end of Season 3, she was pregnant by accident and to keep her child, but their relationship ended when the father had found out and left. Also, she refused to tell her family about her firstborn child. She figured if she did, they would only interest in her child and not her herself, or even worse, she did feel concern that they might force her to have an abortion just because of her deafness or, probably, they might think her age was too young for being a parent. But, she was 19 and there was no need to inform her family as she knew she wouldn't get much support from her family, anyways. She left her family without a word, afterward.

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Like Natalie, she only "speaks" her native ASL, but she does know Mexican Sign Language as her second language. She can write English and Spanish well but her vocabulary is still limit.

She is good at directing a movie, so she owns her business as a director and a writer.

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Physical Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Leona is at least 171 centimeters (5'7") and 62 kilograms (136 lbs.). She has her dark brown hair, hazel green eyes, and fair skin, but she does have freckles all over her body and her face.

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  • The Herbert Family

Like Travis, Leona doesn't want to talk about her family at all. But, she once mentioned that she does have two parents who are still alive and lived in East Riverside with her three siblings. She also explained that she was really (and frequently) frustrated with their lack of communication between Herbert family and her. In her childhood, out of boredom and isolation, she always was begged for sleepovers at her old friends, Jake, Mark and Didi. In her teen ages, she often stayed at Carlton's Girl Dorm for weekdays and outdoor events with her friends. Unlike Travis' mom, her entire family has zero interest in learning ASL at all, which Leona was pretty much done with her family and never look back after her graduation with Travis and his friends.

Status: Single

  • NOTE: At 19 of the age, Leona gave birth to her two years old girl from one of her previous relationships.

  • Deanne Larsen "Didi"
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  • Jacob Matushek "Jake"
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  • Mark Acosta
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Leona and Travis become good friends when she joined Carlton Middle School. They easily understand what they were experienced their hardship. They often hang out with their friends for sleepover times or general events. (Will be written more...)
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  • This character is intended to be similar to Travis Barnes who has a poor relationship with his family, especially his mother. However, the show only partially covered about families who don't know ASL. So, this character's backstory will tell how Deaf people mostly have no interest in connect with their families because their families are either have no willingness on learning ASL, are too audist or simply don't know to do with their Deaf children.
    • There is an article displayed only twenty-fifth percents of families do know ASL,[1] so Deaf people often leave their home after the age of 18 or 21, and they only keep in little connection with their families or none at all. But, it doesn't mean most Deaf people hate their own relatives.
  • This character was already created in summer 1998 before DarkCougar's school was over. She is now redesigned and rewritten for fresh backstory, so her original name was Leona Taylor.
  • Her friends' original names were Jake Herbert, Mark Aveuna, and Dyan Littlestone before they are all designed and rewritten for better improvement.


  1. "Being left out of a hearing family/friend’s conversations just because I’m the only deaf person in the family or circle of friends. Whoever is hearing needs to realize it is so hurtful for your deaf relative to feel left out. If you have a deaf relative, please always include them in your chats- the deaf member wants to be part of your family or circle of friends. Please copy & paste. Hopefully we can educate others."


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