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Jacob Leonardo Lyons is the long time boyfriend now husband of Daphne Vasquez and is a high school football player.


He was raised by Jack and Joanna but after his 3rd birthday his mother died of drunk driving. He eventually went to preschool where he had met Daphne Vasquez which he develops a massive crush on her and they began to date each other. Jacob has ADD and a phobia for loud noises such as fireworks so every year on the 4th of July he wears headphones to drown out the sound. He later marries Daphne so they can spend more time with each other. Jacob later receives a call from his father and asks if he could come visit him and his new stepsister Nikki which he accepts and meets Nikki and his stepmother Jenice which he actually likes because they are not alcoholics and tells them how he likes basketball and football along with how he is happy to have them in his life. Jacob takes special classes at Carlton after graduating to help him with his anger issues and the pain of losing friends. Jacob later decides he wants to leave for college but he doesn't want to leave Daphne so he tries to ask what he should do and Daphne replied he should go but he wants to take her with him. He has deep respect for his teachers and Melody. Jacob gets very angry easily so the only way to calm his nerves is to talk it out with Melody or Daphne. He has issues with people drinking and smoking because he thinks they are going to throw their lives away so he just stays away from people like much like his own father. Jacob begins to flunk school due to his constant sleeping in classes and the reasoning was his medication he is taking. As his anger issues got worse he had been taken all his anger out on Regina. Jacob has begun to think graduating early was a bad idea because he really misses Daphne, Emmett, Travis, and Natalie and he thinks he should've graduated with them.


Bay Kennish (legal cousin): Jacob is cousins with Bay who he never knew she was switched with Daphne and when he found out about the switch he had a dream where he was married to Bay instead of Daphne. During the time Jacob visits Bay she gets really upset when he has not visited her in a while and that was because he is sick of Regina and his aunt and uncle of fighting over him. Jacob told Bay that he will never let anyone separate them because they are cousins and Jacob loves Bay.

Daphne Vasquez Lyons (wife): Jacob met Daphne when he was three years old and had developed a massive crush on her and started daiting her during their middle school year. He tells her he really loves her and that he will be the best husband he can be and will never cheat on her. Daphne got him into Carlton through Melody but half of the students dislike him because he is hearing but half of the girls there don't care. Jacob and Daphne married each other during their high school year. Daphne was surprised when he got a scholarship to OSU but turned it down because he wanted to go to college with her. Daphne eventually learns Jacob got expelled for beating up a kid for picking on Daphne and decided he isn't fit for the college she is at or any other school since then.

Nikki Lyons (stepsister): Jacob's father married Nikki's mother years after his mother had passed away. Jacob was only at the wedding because his soon to be stepsister was there.

Toby Kennish (cousin): Jacob and Toby only talk about music with each other since he doesn't know what else to talk about.

John Kennish (uncle): John is Jacob's uncle and they talk about how he much he wants to play football in college and he always dreamed about playing for OSU but he doesn't want to move away from anyone and Daphne. So he thinks when he can get into college after high school go to the same one with Daphne and play football there.

Kathryn Kennish (aunt): Jacob really loves his aunt Kathryn but he still understand how he is related to them. Kathryn eventually tells him he isn't really related to them and that Toby and Bay aren't his cousins this also made Jacob really angry.

Emmett Bledsoe (best friend): Jacob and Emmett are close friends and he feels bad that Emmett is deaf and also blames himself for being deaf but Emmett knows its not his fault.

Carrie Lyons (aunt): Carrie is Jacob's aunt who he deeply loves and felt like she is his second mother since his mother had passed away. They get along really well and Carrie was really happy for Jacob when he married Daphne.

Claire Lyons (sister): Claire is Jacob's baby sister who doesn't trust Daphne at all claming that she could cheat on her brother. Claire later realizes Daphne cares a lot about Jacob and eventually accepts her being his wife.

Natalie Pierce (best friend): Natalie is Jacob's best friend and he treats her like a sister. He is very protective of her but when he graduated a year early he didn't want to he will miss seeing Natalie around school making them both cry. Natalie seems to have really cared about him and hugged him when he left Carlton for school.

Hayley Lyons (mother): Jacob really loves his mother and has more of a relationship with her then his own father. Jacob's father is really abusive to Hayley which led to their divorce and Hayley making everyone believe she is dead but she later came to Jacob and Daphne's wedding surprising her son. Jacob also seems to never fight with his mother and deeply cares about her. Hayley later meets Nikki who she believes to be really pretty and nice for Jacob to have as a stepsister.

Jack Lyons (father): Jack is the father of Jacob and ex-husband of Hayley Lyons. Jack always seem to get drunk when him and Hayley were still married to each other and divorced when he slapped Jacob's mom in 1999.

Mary Beth (best friend): Mary Beth is Jacob's close friend. They haven't talked much since Jacob graduated early and has joined college football. Jacob shows to really care about Mary Beth and has even threatened to really hurt somebody if they harmed her.

Regina Vasquez (mother-in-law): Jacob deeply cares about Regina since he is her son-in-law. Regina has often helped Jacob was his homework and practice asking Daphne to prom when he is married to her and shouldn't be nervous.

Angelo Sorrento (father-in-law): Jacob had so much respect for Angelo and when Angelo died Jacob was devastated and refused to talk to anyone.

Amber Sorrento (cousin-in-law): Both Amber and Jacob never talk much but eventually Amber starts asking him about his obsession with football and Jacob explains that every since he was a little kid he watched the Cleveland Browns play and that is why he is really into football. Jacob later tells Amber he is also wanting to play OSU football but he wants to be with Daphne so he decides to got to college with her.

Robin Swiller (cousin): Jacob is Robin's cousin who seems to really care about him. Jacob is always telling Robin how much she means to him as a family member as he is really feeling bad about her deafness. Robin is always by Jacob's side when things get bad and Robin always hugs Jacob when he needs one.


  • Jacob is a classic rock freak.
  • He blames for his father for his mother's death because he believes Jack was jealous of Hayley always being there for him while Jack was getting drunk.
  • Jacob really misses his mom.
  • Jacob's idols in country music are Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, and Keith Urban.
  • He has anger issues and ADD.
  • Jacob dated Daphne since he was in middle school and decided to marry her during their high school year.
  • When Jacob heard about his mother's death he was devestated. But his mother was at his wedding and had scared him because he thought she was dead but she survived the car crash.
  • Jacob has always wanted to play football growing up and did when he was in middle school.
  • He is very nervous with asking his wife to the prom.
  • Jacob told Daphne whatever college she goes to he'll go with her because he loves her.
  • When he really cares about his family and Daphne. He always tells Daphne he loves her at least 30 times a day.
  • Jacob has passed all his tests at Carlton and always got straight A's on his report card.
  • He cares so much about Daphne and doesn't let harm come to her.
  • Jacob loves football and drag racing. His father owns a raceway and whenever he is around Robin Jacob and Robin do a practice race.
  • Jacob made a short movie with Emmett and he was the main star with his wife and cousin Robin which Robin played his sister and Daphne played his wife.
  • He was nicknamed Andros during his time at Carlton which is the Red Space Ranger in Power Rangers in Space.
  • While Regina and John fought over who he lives with Jacob stayed with Nikki for awhile.


I love Daphne so back the hell off.
Your my little daffodil Daphne.
My dream is becoming a professional football player for the NFL after college.
Me and Daphne have been married for two years.

My mom is still alive and no one told me?

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