Hayley Lyons is the mother of Jacob and the mother-in-law of Daphne Vasquez.


Hayley is the ex-wife of Jack and the mother of Jacob and Claire Lyons. She was suppose to have died but she is alive and wants to reconnect with her kids and she does at Jacob and Daphne's wedding. She told son that she wanted to stay under the rader in case Jack came after her to fight for Jacob. Hayley reveals that she wanted to because a teacher at Carlton or a special teacher for Jacob because his other teachers seem to make him mad everytime they get on his case for sleeping in class but its the medication he has been taken recently and she tries taking him off of them but he eventually slips into a coma which no one notices but his teacher and Daphne. Hayley tries to avoid her ex-husband and is assaulted by him which leads Jacob to react with his fists and starts beating up his father and tells him never to touch her again or the next time he'll kill him. Hayley really loves her son and wants to be there for him just like she was when he was a baby. Hayley respects Regina's decision to have Jacob live with her and Daphne to get away from his father but isn't able to avoid his stepmother though when Jacob heard he isn't suppose to go near Nikki he got angry because that is the only he goes is to visit Nikki.


  • She divorced Jack when she learned he cheated on her with Nikki's mom.
  • Hayley seems to trust Jacob.
  • Hayley really loves her son and daughter.
  • Both her and Jack where fighting over Jacob's custody which engraged her daughter.
  • She was very suprised Jacob never started drinking or smoking.

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