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She is the daughter of Francesca Sorrento and an unknown man. The cousin of Bay, Abby and Daphne as well as Regina's and Angelo's niece.


Francesca: Mother (deceased)- had Amber at 16 and raised her until she died. Loved her very much. Set up a trust fund for her future

Angelo: Uncle (deceased)- took her around the world in her teenage years and is her uncle, left family heirlooms for her after he died

Anna Marie: Grandmother- raised her after her mother passed away

Bay: Cousin- Bay is Angelo's daughter

Daphne: Legal cousin- legal cousin and daughter of Regina

Regina: Aunt- Is her aunt by her marriage to Angelo

Abby: Cousin- hasnt met her


She was born to Francesca and an unknown man in 1993. Her mother did not tell the father she had his child nor told amber who he was. When her mother died, she lived with her grandmother. As she grew up, Angelo took her to America, Italy and Spain, taught her to cook and bake and was like a father to her. She was born almost blind and needed many surgeries to restore her vision. Over her years, she went to a private french school and college in Italy, which Angelo paid for when he won the lawsuit. She worked as a model and left the profession


Is looking for Regina, Bay and Daphne in America


She can cook and bake

Good at history

Knows five languages French, Spanish, Italian, English and ASL

Is a sumi-artist

because of her surgeries, it counts as a disability

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