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You can copy this code here and to paste on those episode pages. Please do copy here to paste the code someplace else. Thanks~

NOTE: Please remember that you follow the Episode Guideline before you create a new page.

|name =
|season = 
|number =
|image = File:250px-SwitchedAtBirthIntertitle.png
|airdate =
|viewers = 0.00<ref>[URL Title].</ref>
|writer =
|director = 
|previous =
|next = }}
''"TITLE"''<ref group=title>Type here.</ref> is the (number) episode of [[ABC Family]]'s [[Switched at Birth]] [[Season One]], and it is the [number] episode of the series overall. It was written by (type here.) and directed by (type here.). It is scheduled to air in (date)./It was originally aired on (date).

Type here.

Type here.

==The Casts==
*[[Vanessa Marano]] as [[Bay Kennish]]
*[[Katie Leclerc]] as [[Daphne Vasquez]]
*[[Sean Berdy]] as [[Emmett Bledsoe]]
*[[Lucas Grabeel]] as [[Toby Kennish]]
*[[Constance Marie]] as [[Regina Vasquez]]
*[[Lea Thompson]] as [[Kathryn Kennish]]
*[[D.W. Moffett]] as [[John Kennish]]
*Insert here.

*Insert here if they appear.

==Music Featured==
{| border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="article-table" style="width: 100%;"
! scope="col"|Song
! scope="col"|Artist
! scope="col"|Notes
! scope="col"|Link
|Song Title here.
|Singer(s) or Band(s) here.
|Where the sing starts at.
|Source URL here.

{{Dialogues|Insert here.}}
{{Dialogues2|Insert here.||Insert here.}}
{{Dialogues|Insert here.||Insert here.||Insert here.}}
{{Dialogues2|Insert here.}}

*Type here if there is any.


==Video Gallery==


==Title Reference==
<references group="title"/>

To be added.

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