Emmett Bledsoe is the best friend and fellow schoolmate of Daphne Vasquez at Carlton School for the Deaf. He is portrayed by Sean Berdy.


Emmett was born to Melody and Cameron Bledsoe, who are a deaf couple. He inherited being deaf, and grew up mostly with deaf people. He spent his time with fellow "deafie" Daphne Vasquez, whom he developed a crush on at an early age.


Emmett has known the Vasquez family for years. He protected Daphne from bullies when she was little. After that his mother, Melody, also became close friends with Daphne's mother, Regina. Emmett shows an interest in photography. According to Daphne, he is a huge fan of the Royals, where her biological father, John, used to play third base. He has a big crush on Daphne.

Physical Appearance & ​PersonalityEdit

Physical Appearance Edit

Emmett is tall with dark strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. He has a slim built body.


Emmett is typically patient and kind but sometimes has a bad temper. He is romantic in love, often creating big gestures to show it. Determined, but with a head in the clouds, he is creative and inventive at times. He cannot judge situations well while he is angry, and can be rash and hasty when stressed. He loves art, photography, drumming, and motorcycles which he and his dad both built together.



  • He had a former crush on Daphne since he was eight years old.
  • He never dated Daphne. He and Daphne have only ever been friends. He claims Daphne just had bad timing.
  • He never slept with Daphne, though he is not a virgin. The person that he lost his virginity to is unknown.
  • He named his motorcycle Ripley, after Ellen Ripley from his favorite film, Alien.
  • The actor who portrays him, Sean Berdy, is also deaf.
  • Emmett claims he and Bay are meant to be together during his speech at Toby and Nikki's rehearsal dinner in the Kennish's back yard, he says when you find the one who's right for you, you gotta hang on tight because if you don't, they can slip away — while meaningfully looking at Bay.

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