Drive in the Knife is the 7th episode of the second season of Switched at Birth.



Bay and Noah's relationship blossoms while Daphne decides to end things with a heartbroken Travis. Kathryn convinces Daphne to try out for Carlton’s school play to take her mind off Travis. Bay offers to make John’s campaign poster but quickly realizes her creative vision may hurt John’s campaign. Toby, who also helps with the campaign, hooks up with a cute volunteer, who turns out to be the daughter of John’s opponent. Bay tells Emmett about her new relationship with Noah; Emmett responds by kissing her and asking her if she's sure she's ready to move on, confusing Bay even more.

Regina starts her new job as an interior designer, but gets fired when she shows up late to work with a hangover. Regina lies to Daphne about why she lost her job, which puts Regina into a tail spin of more drinking. Daphne and Travis have to identify Daphne's attacker, but Travis insists that none of the suspects are the right person. Daphne realizes Travis wants to beat the guy up on his own and has to stop Travis before it’s too late. Bay sees Regina stumble home after a night of drinking and senses something is wrong.

The Cast




  • Kari Coleman as Whitney
  • Zach Bandler as Customer 1
  • Jerry Ferris as Coach Lubin
  • John Furey as Sgt. Briefs
  • Matthew Jaeger as Interpreter
  • Kiva Jump as Campaign Accountant
  • Kim Rhodes as Tria
  • Brandon J. Sornberger as Volunteer Coordinator

Featured Music



  • Title reference: From the 1943 painting, Drive in the Knife, by Roberto Matta

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