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Basic Information
Gender: Female
Age: 40's
Birthdate: Unknown
Ethnicity: African-American



Chad (Son)
James (Son)

Partners: Bruce (ex-husband, fling)

Kathryn Kennish

First Appearance
Episode: Portrait of My Father

Tammy Townsend


Denise is a good friend of Kathryn and Regina's first client at the salon.

While cutting Denise's hair, Regina realizes how little all of Kathryn's friends know about Kathryn's personal life. After being confronted by Regina, Kathryn decides it is time to tell her friends about the switch, despite the potential scandal. When Kathryn confides in her, Denise admits that everyone has been endulging in gossip about the Kennish-Vasquez living situation. She reveals that some of Kathryn's friends even believe Daphne is John and Regina's love-child. Kathryn later came clean and told Denise that Bay is Regina's biological daughter and that Daphne is her and John biological daughter. Denise is shocked and could not believe this happened to Kathryn and Denise told Kathryn that she would not know what to do if this happened to her.

Denise and Bruce have two sons, Chad and James, who go to school with Bay and Toby. They split the cost of a stolen test which they bought from Wilke for $500.00 each. 


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