Daphne Paloma Vasquez (Kennish) was born in the early morning of October 22, 1995, to biological parents Kathryn Kennish and John Kennish but was raised by Regina Vasquez and Adrianna Vasquez in a working class neighborhood where Regina worked as a hairdresser. Daphne lost her hearing after getting meningitis at the age of three. Daphne has been best friends with Emmett Bledsoe since age eight. It is mentioned in an early episode that Daphne was being teased due to her deafness and Emmett screamed at the kids (scaring them) and took her to his mother's house where Melody Bledsoe comforted her and met Regina. Melody became a major support to Regina in submerging Daphne in deaf culture and helped Regina learn ASL. Daphne is a couple of minutes younger than Bay Kennish.


Daphne and Regina Vasquez were living in the neighborhood of East Riverside when they were contacted by the hospital in which Regina gave birth, and told that they were being sought out by the Kennish family because they wanted to meet their biological daughter who was switched at birth with the one they had been raising: Bay Kennish. Daphne encourages Regina to "be nice" to the Kennishes, whom she immediately bonds with to the chagrin of Bay. On more than one occasion we see that Daphne has inherited her father's athleticism, which pleases John when he comes to her basketball practice. John pulls Daphne aside and suggests that she leave Carlton School for the Deaf to go to the school the Kennish children attend. Daphne politely refuses but finally agrees to take a tour of Buckner Hall where she meets Bay's ex-boyfriend Liam Lupo. John urges Daphne not to tell Regina because of a fight they had had earlier that morning about getting Daphne a cochlear implant, which could let her hear again. After finding out that Daphne's mother is in financial trouble, the Kennishes invite Regina and Daphne to move into their guest house, which they accept. The new living situation forces the girls, along with both families, to understand their differences and embrace their similarities.

After that, the Kennishes start to argue with Regina about her parenting decisions, especially Daphne getting a ride from Emmett on his motorcycle.  In The Persistence of Memory, Kathryn Kennish notices Daphne's talent for cooking and suggests she take the advanced cooking classes offered at Buckner Hall where she inadvertently causes the classroom to catch on fire because she cannot hear the warning bell, but Wilke helped her and also stood up for her. Daphne and her cooking partner Wilke begin to form a friendship after he pulls her out of the path of an oncoming car, and he becomes one of her main support systems. When Bay and Emmett start dating, Daphne constantly tells Bay that she's not right for Emmett. Daphne feels betrayed when she discovers that her mother's ex, Angelo, wishes to connect with his biological daughter Bay and not her, as Daphne is doing with her biological family.

In The Declaration of Independence Daphne struggles to decipher Jeff's signals.

In We Are the Kraken of Our Own Sinking Ships Chef Jeff ended his affair with Melody and made out with Daphne again before working hours. Daphne's co-worker Scuba realized there was something going on between her and Chef Jeff, so Scuba asked her to cover for his mistakenly over cooked shrimp. When Daphne refused, Scuba told all of his co-workers about chef Jeff's and Daphne's relationship.

In The Trial, Daphne and Jeff been hanging out a lot more. Daphne later reveals to Bay that she was about to take the next step with Jeff and to Bay's surprise, it wouldn't have been her first time. Daphne is also surprised Bay is still a virgin. Melody confronts Daphne about her relationship with Jeff, but Daphne is convinced that she was just jealous of them. Jeff begins to have doubts about his and Daphne's relationship, but Daphne goes to his home and the two end up having sex. After word gets to the owner about Daphne's and Jeff's relationship, Daphne quits her job so they can be together, but Jeff breaks it off with her.

In Dressing for the Charade, Daphne gets the truth from Travis's mother regarding his so-called problems at home.

In The Acquired Inability to Escape, Daphne takes on more than she can handle while venturing into new territory.

In Drive in the Knife, Daphne breaks up with Travis. Afterwards, the police find the man who robbed the food truck and Travis lies when he's asked to ID the man at the police station.

In Mother and Child Divided, Daphne meets a boy named Jace who works at the Coffee Booth at the Senator Kennish Office.

In The Good Samaritan", Daphne gets introduced to Geocatching.

In He Did What He Wanted, Daphne's getting mixed signals from Jace.

In The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living", Daphne's torn between her family and Jace.

In As The Shadows Deepen, Daphne's looking for a job and finds out that Jeff is back and getting married. In Departure Of Summer", Daphne now faces, at worst, felony blackmail charge and could wind up behind bars. John and Kathryn are willing to pay the $50,000 to Coto who wants to be quiet, but Daphne, being Daphne, can't stand for the sleaze to get away with what he'd done. Daphne goes to Jace and ask him to publish her side of the story on his blog, knowing fully well it'll probably get Jace deported and herself locked up.

In Drowning Girl, Daphne begins serving a community service sentence at the clinic. There, she meets her supervisor, Jorge, and Campbell, the survivor of an athletic accident.

In Your Body Is a Battleground, Daphne wrongfully releases a patient from the clinic, but receives Campbell's help searching. Meanwhile, she recruits Sharee for the new field hockey team. 

In Fountain, Daphne and Sharee land in detention and miss the first field hockey game of the season.

In It Hurts to Wait With Love if Love is Somewhere Else,  Jorge's sister chastises Daphne about the blackmailing incident, causing Daphne to leave the family barbecue she was attending. Daphne kisses both Jorge and the recently-single Campbell.

In Have You Really the Courage?, Daphne and Regina are worried about Sharee's home life.

In The Scream, Daphne throws Campbell a 21st birthday party. His feelings for her make things awkward, since she is now dating Jorge.

In Memory is Your Image of Perfection, Sharee takes her mentally ill mother to the clinic at Daphne's suggestion, but Daphne must act quickly when the attending doctor is stabbed.

In Dance Me to the End of Love, Daphne's actions in the last episode lead to a possible interest in studying medicine.

In The Past (Forgotten-Swallowed), Daphne is invited to a clinic fundraiser. She finds herself the object of both Jorge's and Campbell's affections.

In The Ambush, Daphne prepares for the field hockey game, while trying to decide between Jorge and Campbell.

In Love Seduces Innocence, Pleasure Entraps, and Remorse Follows, Daphne faces someone from the past, the man who harassed her on her food truck.

In Love Among the Ruins, Daphne and Bay look to track down the studio vandal. Meanwhile, Daphne asks Angelo to move into the guest house.

In Like a Snowball Down a Mountain, Daphne receives a new opportunity at the clinic.

In Oh, Future, Daphne interviews for a scholarship, while Kathryn, Regina, and John argue over who will fund her higher education.

In And We Bring the Light,

In The Image Disappears,

In Girl With Death Mask (She Plays Alone),

In It Isn't What You Think,

In You Will Not Escape,

In Girl on the Cliff,

In And Life Begins Right Away,

In Yuletide Fortune Tellers,

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Physical Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Daphne has long, straight strawberry blonde hair, and green eyes. Daphne is attractive and beautiful. She is 5'4", and loves basketball. She won a basketball tournament for Carlton due to two free point shots. She is always happy and optimistic. She is proud to be deaf, and always fights for what she believes in. Daphne is considerably honest and very confident. She looks very much like her biological mother Kathryn. She has stolen $5,000 from her biological parents, and $47 from a wallet she found in Maui, Kansas. She knew whose it was as she met the guy earlier that day and disrespected her over her deafness, both times she’d stolen were for selfless purposes and didn't keep the money for herself, in fact she returned the $5,000 and told her parents the truth.

Trivia Edit

  • Daphne grew up in East Riverside and was raised under Puerto Rican/Latina culture.
  • Daphne went completely deaf when she was 3 years old due to meningitis.
  • Daphne's mother Regina Vasquez knew Daphne was switched with another baby girl and kept it a secret for 13 years, until the girls were 16.
  • Daphne's dad Angelo Sorrento left her when she went deaf because he knew she wasn't his biological daughter.
  • Had she and Bay Kennish not been switched at birth, Daphne would have never become deaf. Had John and Kathryn adopted her at the age of 3, she would have gotten the cochlear implant. Either way she would have been a snobby, spoiled rich girl, in contrast to her kindhearted, outgoing, down to Earth personality.
  • Playing both basketball and field hockey, she is very athletic.
  • Daphne is very vocal for a deaf person.
  • She blackmailed a state senator when she was 17, alongside her British boyfriend.
  • She also sabotaged city property on her mother's Riverside project with another boy a year later.
  • Daphne did cocaine once before college.
  • She wants to be a doctor, and used to want to be a chef.
  • She dated her boss during junior year while he was an engaged adult.
  • Daphne and Bay both share the following love interests: Noah, Liam, Emmett, and Travis.

Relationships =Edit

Family Members:

Biological mother

Biological father

To be added

To be added

To be added

Liam Lupo (ex-boyfriend)

Wilke Wilkerson (ex-boyfriend)

Jeff Reycraft (ex-boyfriend) 

  • Break Up: Street Noises Invade the House (1x30)
    • Reason: Jeff felt that their relationship was inappropriate because of the age difference, but Daphne didn't want to abandon the relationship, so they stayed a couple until Daphne's friend Scuba, upset about Jeff firing him, reported that Daphne and Jeff were dating.

Travis Barnes (kissed)

  • Break Up: Drive in the Knife (2x07)
    • Reason: Daphne was drawn to Travis and kissed him, but told Travis it was a mistake. She was also not over the incident with the food truck

Noah (Kissed)

Jace (ex-boyfriend)

  • Start Up: The Good Samaritan (2x13)
  • Break Up: What goes Up Must Come Down (2x19)
    • Reason: Jace wanted to find out the truth about what Chip Coto is doing by spying on him and posting stuff online, and Daphne told him she was sick of lying to everyone about what they are doing, so Daphne told hime she's done with him.

Jorge (ex-boyfriend)

  • Start Up: Have You Really the Courage? (3x05)
  • Break Up: The Ambush (3x10)
    • Reason: After much deliberation over whether to choose Jorge or Campbell, and after discussing the issue with Kathryn, Daphne finally chooses Campbell over Jorge.

Campbell (ex-boyfriend)

  • Start Up: The Ambush (3x10)
  • Break Up: Like a Snowball Down a Mountain (3x13)
    • Reason: Campbell got a new job across town. This, plus the fact that he believed he would be too busy to see Daphne, caused their breakup.

Nacho (kissed)

Emmett is Daphne's best friend. They have known each other for a long time, and it was Emmett who first introduced her to the deaf world.

He and Daphne had a relationship and when they broke up, they still talked.

Basketball teammate/ frenemy

To be added

Sharee was one of Daphne's best friends. She beat her at a contest therefore Daphne had to drive Sharee to school everyday. Daphne eventually saw that Sharee's mother needed help and they bond.


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