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Daphne Vasquez and Jeff Reycraft


Former boss/Former employee


The Declaration of Independence


Street Noises Invade the House


Jephne (Jeff and Daphne) is the secret relationship between Daphne Vasquez and her former boss Jeff Reycraft

Daphne Vasquez

Jeff Reycraft

First Meeting

1x23. Daphne lands a job at a restaurant with some help from Kathryn. Although the head chef Jeff doesn't think she's capable of working as a chef seeing as she's deaf so Daphne's instantly put on dishwashing duty instead.

First Kiss

1x27. Daphne shows up at the restaurant to find out what's going on between them. Jeff says he thought she was in college, but now that he knows she's in high school it wouldn't work because of the age difference. And that she's an employee makes it even more difficult. Jeff walks away and Daphne says that he has to look at her when they're talking so she pulls him closer to her. Then Daphne tells him that she wants this to happen and they end up kissing anyway, despite all the reasons why they shouldn't.

First Date

Break Up

1x30. When Scuba reports to the restaurant owner about Daphne's and Jeff's relationship they are both questioned and both their jobs are in jeopardy. So Daphne quits, hoping that they now can stay together when they're no longer working together. Jeff gets mad because that just made it look like it all was true and they end up breaking up.


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