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You can copy this code here and to paste on those character pages. Please do copy here to paste the code someplace else. Thanks~

NOTE: Please remember that you follow the Character Guideline before you create a new page.

{{infobox character
|image= File:250px-SwitchedAtBirthIntertitle.png‎
|latest= }}
Type here.

Type here.

Type here.

Season ##= 
Type here.
|-|Season ##= 
Type here.

==Physical Appearance & Personality==
===Physical Appearance===
Type here.

Type here.

Type here.

Family Members=
To insert relative characters here.
'''Status:''' Type here.
To insert sweethearts and formers here.
|-|Friends & Rivals= 
To insert friends and enemies here.

*Type here.

==Photo Gallery==
''See the [[Character Gallery]] article for more pictures...''



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