Campbell Bingman is a recurring character who first appears in Drowning Girl (Episode 1 of Season 3) of ABC Family's Switched at Birth. He is played by RJ Mitte.


Campbell has a wheelchair since he was a in a recent snowboarding accident which caused spinal damage. He is hearing.

Physical Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Due to his recent accident which also caused his spinal injury, Campbell has nerve damage to his mouth which causes his speech to be slurred. Daphne, being deaf, "does not mind." He is an attractive young man with dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Campbell is a friendly guy who volunteers at the free clinic where Daphne is completing her community service. He is compassionate towards the many patients at the clinic, including the many homeless youth who come for care and he also helps Daphne avoid getting into trouble with the supervising doctor at the clinic when she makes mistakes. He has a sense of humor about his and Daphne's disabilities.



When Daphne starts working at the free clinic at the beginning of season 3 as part of her community service, she first develops a crush on him, although it is soon revealed that he is dating Gretchen. He tries to kiss her in "It Hurts to Wait With Love if Love is Somewhere Else", but Daphne pulls away before he can. He tells her that he really likes her, but he is confused because Gretchen has been by his side since before his accident. At the end of the episode, he reveals that he broke up with Gretchen.


Gretchen, played by Nathalia Ramos, is Campbell's ex-girlfriend. The two of them were dating when Campbell had his accident, and she is only shown in two episodes. Campbell breaks up with her after Daphne confesses that she can't kiss him while he's in a relationship.

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