Bruce is a minor character who first appears in Episode 4 of Season One. He is portrayed by Jason Brooke.


He had previously married three women[1], including Kathryn's friend, Denise.


Season OneEdit

In Dance Amongst Daggers, he and Regina meet at the Buckner fundraiser and hit it off. Kathryn tries to warn her about him but as the two are not close Regina ignores her advice. Things seem to be going well until Bruce comes to the Kennish house to return an earring to Regina. Later that day Denise stops by to talk with Kathryn and sees the earring asking if she left it there. Prompting Kathryn to ask if she and Bruce are getting back together. Denise replies that they are not getting back together but sometimes like to forget that they are getting divorced.

Kathryn tells Regina and Regina asks Bruce if he is still seeing his ex. Once he confirms that he in fact is sleeping with his ex, she promptly ends the relationship.

Physical Appearance & PersonalityEdit

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Family MembersEdit

  • Chad

To be added.

  • James

To be added.


  • Sabrina (ex-wife)

To be added.

  • Isabelle (ex-wife)

To be added.

  • Denise (ex-wife)

To be added.

  • Regina Vasquez (ex-girlfriend)

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Friends & RivalsEdit

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