Bay Madeline Kennish (Vasquez-Sorrento) was born in the early morning of October 22, 1995 at 1:22am to biological parents Regina Vasquez and Angelo Sorrento but was raised by Kathryn Kennish, a stay at home mother, and John Kennish, former pro third baseman, alongside their older son Toby. Bay is a couple of minutes older than Daphne. She is portrayed by Vanessa Marano.


In This Is Not a Pipe, through a school experiment, Bay discovers that her blood type is different from her family's. She proceeds in taking a DNA test, where Bay learns she was switched at birth with another girl, Daphne Vasquez. After meeting her, Bay, Kathryn, and John find out that Daphne is deaf, and all of them are in shock. Bay meets her birth mother, Regina, for the first time and discovers that she and Regina have a lot in common. Bay learns that Regina has financial trouble, pushing Bay to ask Kathryn if Regina and Daphne can move into the guest house, the reason being they can get to know each other.

In American Gothic, Bay learns more about Regina. They are both at the guest house bonding, and Bay helps Regina paint her wall. This leads Regina to start opening up to Bay about her past drinking problems, since Bay saw her AA chips and asked her what they are.

In Portrait of My Father, Bay begins asking questions about her biological father, which her grandmother and Regina refuse to answer. Regina insists, "The best thing that guy ever did was leave." Daphne gives Bay a photo of Regina when she was pregnant with Bay, which was taken by Bay's biological father.

In Dance Amongst Daggers, Bay learns that Daphne is seeing her ex-boyfriend Liam, while Daphne, Kathryn, and Regina learn that Bay is seeing Ty. In Dogs Playing Poker, Bay is sad that Ty is leaving for the army.

In The Persistence of Memory, Bay and Emmett bond while working together to find Bay's biological father, and they discover that his name is Angelo Sorrento.

In Pandora's Box, Bay and Emmett's relationship becomes more serious when Regina reveals that she knew about the switch when Angelo had a DNA test done before deciding to leave Regina and Daphne. Everyone is in shock; Bay is in just as much pain. Believing that her biological mother didn't want her, Bay turns to Emmett for comfort.

In Paradise Lost, Bay tells Emmett that for her birthday she wants to see her art on a billboard and enlists his help. before they get the chance to put up her art, however, the pair is caught by the police and injured while climbing a barbed wire fence to get away. Bay also meets Emmett's mother Melody, who doesn't approve of their relationship.

In The Homecoming, Bay meets her biological father, Angelo Sorrento, for the first time.

In Starry Night, Bay's old friend and Wilke's ex-girlfriend Simone flirts with Toby. Bay crashes the festival because she hears that Daphne is there. Regina goes with Bay to see Angelo. Later, Regina and Angelo get into a fight in front of Bay about the drink Angelo took back and about how Angelo forgot that Regina is sober when Bay told him before they had the meet. Both of them, upset at each other, get up and leave Bay at the table alone.

In The Tempest, Bay tries to score points with Melody but doesn't have much luck. Regina tries to help Bay with Melody at a game night, but it's not as easy as she expected, which leads to Regina defending Bay and confronting Melody about her mistreatment of Bay.

In Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time, Bay gets mad at Emmett after he tells her he cheated on her with Simone.

In The Door to Freedom, Bay is accused of cheating on her French exam.

In The Awakening Conscience, Bay enrolls in an experimental immersion program at Carlton for hearing students who have been learning sign language. She meets Teo, a fellow program participant, and finds herself on the outs with Natalie, who bullies her because she is hearing.

In Human/Need/Desire, Bay hosts an anti-Valentine's Day party and invites her hearing and deaf friends.

In Drive in the Knife, Bay tells Emmett that she's in a new relationship, but he kisses her.

In Duel of Two Women, Bay finds herself on the wrong end of Natalie's wrath, forcing Melody to take everyone on a tolerance retreat to help bridge the divide between them. Bay bonds with Noah, who confides to her that he has Ménière's disease. Bay and Natalie declare a truce.

In Tight Rope Walker, Bay tells Regina's old boyfriend Zain about her alcohol abuse. Later, Regina finds out about this and the two fight about it. Regina later comes in Bay's room to find her crying, and she apologizes for her outbursts and asks Bay to forgive her, which Bay does.

In Introducing the Miracle, Emmett tells Bay about the kiss between Daphne and Noah.

In Mother and Child Divided, Bay is the only one who is happy to see Regina back home from rehab. Bay is upset that Regina moved out of the guest house without telling her.

In Distorted House, Bay decides to stay with Regina.

In The Good Samaritan, Bay tries to help Toby find a release by booking a gig for Toby's band for the carnival, to give reprieve. Regina's and Bay's messiness frustrates Angelo.

In He Did What He Wanted, Bay learns more about Mary-Beth and Ty.

In The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, Bay meets some of Ty's soldier friends. She also loses her virginity to him in this episode.

In Prudence, Avarice, Lust, Justice, Anger, Bay meets her baby sister and gets a chance to hold her.

In As The Shadows Deepen, Ty tells Bay he loves her and she smiles at him. Bay learns that Ty is about to be deployed back to Afghanistan.

In The Merrymakers, Bay and Daphne throw Nikki an impromptu bachelorette party. Bay moves out of Angelo's place because the baby is coming and moves back in with the Kennishes. Both Regina and Angelo are sad that Bay is moving out, but Bay tells them she will be coming by to babysit her sister anytime they need her too. Bay gives Regina and Angelo a goodbye hug and then leaves Angelo's apartment.

In Departure of Summer, Bay seeks a long-distance romance with Ty in the face of his redeployment. Ty soon learns that he'll be in even more danger this time and fears he won't come back alive. He feels that it is best they part ways in case he is killed in battle. To protect Bay from the truth, he pretends to cheat on her so she will break up with him and she can get over him now. The plan works, and Bay goes to Emmett looking for answers and comfort.

In Drowning Girl,

In Your Body Is a Battleground,

In Fountain,

In It Hurts to Wait With Love if Love is Somewhere Else,

In Have You Really the Courage?,

In The Scream,

In Memory is Your Image of Perfection,

In Dance Me to the End of Love,

In The Past (Forgotten-Swallowed),

In The Ambush,

In Love Seduces Innocence, Pleasure Entraps, and Remorse Follows,

In Love Among the Ruins,

In Like a Snowball Down a Mountain,

In Oh, Future, Bay hangs out at Emmett's house. She tells Emmett that she wants to keep their newly rekindled relationship under the radar for the time being. Upon leaving, she overhears Melody in a video conference with someone offering her a job that would take her and Emmett out-of-state. Worried, she encourages Emmett to strengthen his relationship with his father. Emmett reluctantly decides to attend Cameron's housewarming. Melody also appears and there, she meets Bay and Emmett, who tell her that they're back together. Then, to everyone's surprise, Cameron and his girlfriend, Debbie, announce that they're getting married right now. Bay then discovers a baby carriage and learns that Debbie's pregnant. She tries to tell Emmett, but he finds out on his own. Initially, he doesn't like it, but with Bay's help, he warms up to the idea. Bay later asks Melody about the job offer, and Melody reassures Bay that she has too many reasons not to move.

In And We Bring the Light,

In The Image Disappears,

In Girl With Death Mask (She Plays Alone),

In It Isn't What You Think,

In You Will Not Escape,

In Girl on the Cliff,

In And Life Begins Right Away,

In Yuletide Fortune Tellers,

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Ecce Mono Edit

In the alternate reality seen in "Ecce Mono", Bay is a straight-A student, often trying to compensate for being the Kennishes’ non-biological daughter often been ditched and left out. She seems to have a good relationship with her brother Toby, but a very poor relationship with Daphne. She is the only one who seems to see how unhappy Daphne really is. Bay also looks for her birth mother who she has never met. She paints pictures trying to imagine what she looks like and often tries to look for her. Bay meets Emmett outside a college party she got dragged to by Daphne when he alerts her not to be in that neighborhood late at night. He gives her a ride and immediately become friends. He helps her look for her birth mother and after a long search they find an accordion folder that has restraining orders and letters from Regina. At the end of the episode, after learning of Regina's death, she drives off with Emmett.

Physical Appearance & PersonalityEdit


Bay is a strong-willed, hot-headed, impulsive, stubborn, smart, sarcastic, headstrong, funny, talented graffiti artist with a wild streak. She is insolent and self- centered at times , making herself the victim in any situation. Bay is also the root to many of the problems in the series. She says whatever she wants without thinking about how it will affect people. She is sometimes shown to be an angerfilled person. Bay has a passion for art and a bad temper, like her biological mother, Regina, but she also has a sweet and thoughtful side to her. In the beginning she was rebellious, but now she is nice, caring, and somewhat responsible.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Bay has pale skin, long black curly hair, and dark brown eyes. Bay has an edgy, artsy style. She has expressive eyebrows and a large smile. Bay is 5'5. She has a slim body type, and is very pretty. Bay is told by Adrianna, Melody, and Regina's ex-boyfriend Zane that Bay looks just like Regina.


Biological Mother

Biological Father

Biological Half-Sister

Legal sister

Legal Brother

Legal Father & Legal Mother


Liam Lupo
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Status: Ex-boyfriend
History: How long they did date together was unknown. It can be assumed that they were in good relationship until the switch was discovered. Within two days, everything went terrible that Liam was fed up with her bad attitudes and then he dumped her.
Start Up: Before This Is Not a Pipe(1x01)
Break Up: This Is Not a Pipe (1x01)
Reason: Bay's sassy behaviors were damaged their relationship.


Tyler "Ty" Mendosa
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Status: Ex-boyfriend
History: Ty left to enlist in the military, so Bay broke up with him over the phone, but he and Bay remained friends and kept in touch. Until Write a Lonely Soldier, however, Ty thought that they would pick up where they left off when his tour was over. Bay informed him that she was seeing Emmett.
Bay discovered Ty "cheating" on her when she saw a girl's underwear fall out his bed and a condom wrapper on the floor. She thinks he slept with Aide, and he made her believe that he did. Because of this, Bay broke up with him, without knowing that Ty faked it because he was being deployed to an area worse than he'd thought.
First Relationship
Start Up: American Gothic (1x02)
Break Up: Dogs Playing Poker (1x05)
Reason: Tyler's departure for military.
Second Relationship
Start Up: He Did What He Wanted (2x14)
Break Up: Departure of Summer (2x21)
Reason: Tyler faked a cheating on Bay with Aida To Avoid her being hurt if he didn't come back from war.

10390131 731877136856166 2892608674962505173 n

Emmett Bledsoe
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Status: Ex-boyfriend
History: Bay and Emmett first met each other when he was taking Daphne to school on his motorcycle. After Bay was starting to look for her father, Emmett started to help, and eventually they started dating.
First Relationship
Start Up: The Stag Hunt (1x07)
Break Up: The Homecoming (1x10)
Reason: Emmett felt that they could never really understand each other because Bay is hearing, whereas he is deaf and sees the world differently.
Second Relationship
Start Up: The Homecoming (1x10)
Break Up: Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time (1x22)
Reason: Emmett confessed about cheating on Bay with Simone.
Third Relationship
Start Up: Love Seduces Innocence, Pleasure Entraps, and Remorse Follows (3x11)
Break Up: There is My Heart (4x10)
Reason: Emmett felt they had been disconnected for months and that he needed to focus on school and she would only distract him. Emmett had also not gotten over Bay's one-night stand with Tank and still thought she cheated on him with Tank. Emmett also had feelings for Skye.


Alex Rainford
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Status: Ex-boyfriend
History: They met in the Galapagos when Bay went away for the summer, but Bay couldn't get over Emmett, She broke up with him because of that.
Start Up: Between Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time (1x22) & This Is the Color of My Dreams (1x23)
Break Up: This Is the Color of My Dreams (1x23)
Reason: Bay was not over Emmett, which Alex realized.


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Status: Ex-boyfriend
History: To be added
Start Up: Human/Need/Desire (2x06)
Break Up: Introducing the Miracle (2x10)
Reason: Bay breaks up with Noah after Emmett told Bay that Noah and Daphne kissed. Though they were rehearsing for the play, Romeo and Juliet, when Bay confronted Noah about it, he admitted that he and Daphne have a connection that he couldn't avoid.

1921948 669219816455232 455643986 n

Miles "Tank" Conroy
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Status: Ex-boyfriend
First Relationship
Start Up: The Scream (3x06)
Break Up: Like a Snowball Down a Mountain (3x13)
Reason: Bay wanted to go back with Emmett. She tried letting him down easily by simply saying they should go back to being friends, but later Tank found out from John that Bay slept with someone. He confronted Bay about this, and she admitted it was Emmett.

| one night stand (rape): Bay also slept with Tank on the day she got off house arrest, but since she was drunk when it happened, and did not consent, it was considered rape.}}

Tumblr nwtfiwwkJM1rq0rm6o1 1280

Travis Barnes
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Status: boyfriend
startup[[[the call]]](5x01)
History: The two began to bond over their break-ups: Emmett breaking up with Bay and Mary-Beth breaking up with Travis. What started out as bonding because of their misery became connection. Eventually, Travis admitted to Bay that he is in love with her and kissed her. Bay then secretly confided to Daphne that she liked the kiss.

Bay and Simone met in kindergarten and were best friends until they were in the eighth grade, when they gave a girl named Alicia a makeover because she wanted to fit in with them. During the makeover, the two girls asked Alicia who she liked. She told them she liked a hockey player named Tom Burke, and they told her to practice asking him out while Simone filmed it. The two girls watched the video, and in the end Bay told Simone not to send it to anyone because it was too embarrassing; however, Simone sent it to everyone in school. This caused Bay and Simone's friendship to end and Alicia to move out of town. Bay stated that Simone was too controlling and that it was too much for her. Their relationship becomes further complicated when Simone sleeps with Bay's then-boyfriend, Emmett, after the basketball tournament.

Bay's brother, Toby's, best friend

To be added.

When Bay starting going to Carlton, many deaf students were not welcoming towards her. Natalie especially did not like Bay. They had a fierce feud going on until Melody decided to call for a retreat. There, Bay and Natalie worked out their differences, and saw that they had much in common. After the retreat, Bay and Natalie called a truce and became friends.

Bay became friends with Mary Beth when she began working at the Maui Carnival. They also have a mutual friend in Ty. Though they are good friends, Mary Beth has disapproved of Bay's relationship with Tank after his fraternity humiliated her.

Photo GalleryEdit

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