As The Shadows Deepen 18th is the episode of the second season of Switched at Birth.


Bay decides to put on Deaf Day at Maui to bring in more customers, since the park has been losing business. She gets help from Emmett, which causes problems when Ty sees the two of them together. Daphne finds out that Jeff is now Jace's friend's fiance and that the two were in a long-term relationship, despite Jeff's affair with Daphne a while back. Red flags are raised about Jace after he tries to steal a credit card and tells Jeff's fiance the truth. Toby suggests that Nikki visit the guy who killed her father in prison to get closure. John starts to mend his relationship with his father. Bay also learns that Ty is about to be deployed back to Afghanistan.


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  • Title reference: From the 2000 painting, As the Shadows Deepened, by Eyvind Earle.

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