"And It Cannot Be Changed"[title 1] is the first episode of ABC Family's Switched at Birth Season Four, and it is seventy-fifth of the series overall. It was written by Lizzy Weiss and directed by Steve Miner. It was originally aired on January 6th, 2015.


With both Emmett and Daphne heading off to college, Bay finds that taking the blame for Daphne may be harder than she thought. Daphne struggles to adapt to being a pre-med student as she faces her own guilt for letting Bay take the fall for her illegal actions. Regina frets over what will soon be an empty nest.

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Bay explains to Emmett that she took the blame for Daphne. Emmett gets pissed off that Bay didn't talk to him about the decision and that Daphne doesn't have to face any consequences. Bay reassures Emmett by saying that she is happy with her decision and that it will all work out.

Daphne tells Regina, Kathryn, and John that Bay ended up talking the blame. John believes that what Bay did was brilliant and that they shouldn't tell anyone. Kathryn and Regina disagree but later are convinced when Bay says it will be fine. Daphne explains that Bay is free for now until her court date.

A probation officer puts a monitor on Bay's ankle saying that she is under house arrest until her sentence is completed. She tells Bay that her curfew is 7 pm, if she isn't home by that time the ankle bracelet will notify them.

10 weeks later they show Daphne packing up to go to college. Then they showing Emmett and Bay making out but, they are interrupted when Bay's ankle bracelet needs to be charged. They then have a conversation about how Emmett will be leaving without Bay to L.A. But, Bay will be joining him once her sentence is over.

Daphne drives Bay to do her community service. Once the girls leave Regina tells John and Kathryn that she will be moving out of the house since, their agreement is coming to an end with the girls departure. Before Daphne drops Bay off she tells Bay that if she needs anything to just call. But, Bay tells Daphne to stop being so nice to her and that she just wants things to go back to normal. Daphne says she doesn't just want to live her life while Bay is doing her sentence but, Bay tells her that that is exactly want she wants her to do.

Regina visits Melody at UMKC telling her that what she is doing is amazing. Melody tells her that it's all because of you. Their conversation is interrupted.

Daphne approaches Natalie, Travis, and Emmett to say hi. Emmett doesn't seem too pleased to see Daphne. Toby joins in the conversation, he also doesn't seem too happy to see Daphne. Natalie, Tavis, and Emmett leave Toby and Daphne alone. Daphne confronts Toby about avoiding him but, he just ignores it. He then asks when she is leaving and if she is gonna be hitting up a bunch of parties. Daphne gets offended that he thinks of her in that way. Toby tells Daphne that while she goes on to be a doctor, Bay is stuck here cleaning up Daphne's mess. Daphne tries to defend herself by saying it was Bay's idea and that her sentence isn't awful. But, Toby says that there was a chance Bay could have gotten it worse. Toby leaves after saying that he doesn't understand all the choices she made.

Bay is picking up trash beside a girl that is giving her some advice. She then finds out that the girl has been in jail, has a kid, and is now into a guy that is picking up trash with them. They girl get's mad at Bay when she figures out that Bay is lying about how she got there.

Lily is translating Melody's welcoming speech to UMKC. The speech hits Daphne hard.

John and Kathryn give Daphne a lecture about her deciding to go to UMKC instead. John and Kathryn are not very pleased with her decision.

Marci approaches Bay at her community service. Marci tells Bay that her brother, which is the boyfriend of the unfriendly girl Bay met earlier, forgot his lunch. Bay offers to take it to Robbie, Marci's brother. Bay approaches Robbie with his lunch and Robbie says thanks to Bay. Robbie's girlfriend tells Bay to say away from Robbie.

Emmett picks up Bay and takes her to see a timeline of their relationship, which Bay painted earlier in the series. Bay sees new items added to the timeline.

Daphne tries to sign up in UMKC but she finds out that her medicine courses are full. She approaches Professor Marillo and has to impress her in order to get into her class. Professor Marillo accepts her in her class but she says that Daphne needs an interpreter that knows sign language and bio chemistry. Which Daphne says that they are almost impossible to find.

Emmett's bike breaks down leaving Bay worried about not getting home in time for her curfew. Emmett tells her that if she wouldn't have taken the blame they wouldn't be in that situation. Bay doesn't make it home in time making her have to see her probation officer the next day.

Daphne meets her new room mate Iris Watkins. Iris says that she is a sign language interpreter. She also mentions that the pre-med program, that Daphne is taking, messes with your mind and is very demanding. This makes Daphne and her family worried.

Bay explains to her probation officer why she was late. But then the probation officer explains that the sandwich she gave Robbie had a load of heroine. Making her a part of a drug deal. The officer gave Bay another 100 days on probation/community service. Which makes her have too wait longer in order to see Emmett. Bay isn't so happy on having to tell Emmett that.

Daphne is sharing her concerns with Melody about her taking pre-med. Melody tries to encourage her to not give up so early. She thens finds out the perfect person to interpret for her. Daphne asks Iris's brother Josh to interpret. But he says that he prefers to get dissected like a frog then to interpret Professor Marillo's class.

Regina tells Kathryn that she is said about the girls moving and that West invited her to Hawaii but didn't go because of Bay's sentence. Regina says that all her decisions were really bad ones and that she can no longer trust herself. Kathryn really wants Regina to stay. Regina agrees to stay till she trusts herself again.

Emmett comes to Daphne's room angry. He tells her that Bay and him had a plan that Daphne ruined. He tells Daphne that Bay will be satying much longer and that he blames Daphne. Emmett admits that he can never forgive Daphne.

Daphne tries to convince Josh by telling him that she needs his help. She convinces him with her heartwarming speech.

Emmett tells Melody that he doesn't want to go to L.A without Bay. Melody convinces him to not let go of this huge opportunity. Emmett and Bay say goodbye to one another.

Daphne tries to talk to Bay about what happened. But, Bay doesn't want to. Daphne tells her that she decided to stay for her. Bay says that she doesn't get a medal for that and tells Daphne to leave. Bay in anger kicks her lamp.

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In Another Lifetime Zoe Sky Jordan Emmett & Bay say goodbye to each together with a kiss and hug then he leaves. Bay wallows in her room when Daphne comes in. Bay is not in the mood for speaking and asks Daphne to leave. YouTube
Now (I Want to Move) Captain Dipper
The Strawberry Girl
Emmett shows Bay his recreation of her graffiti timeline of their relationship which includes newly past events added. YouTube
Sunset Roc Chen ??? To be added.


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Title Reference

  1. Taken from Plate Y no hay remedio of The Disasters of War series by Francisco Goya, 1863.


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